The company was originally formed in January 1938, under the Captaincy of Mr George E. Barnes meeting in then local Milk Yard, and became members of the Romford & Hornchurch Battalion. In 1969 Havering & Brentwood Battalion was formed when companies from Brentwood, Hutton & Warley joined.

In later years 2nd Hornchurch BB under the Captaincy of Mr. John Gowman ( later to become President of BB in Australia) and Mr. George Hedger produced a successful band, winning many competitions as the company grew.
Each year they would join with the 6th & 9th Romford and the 1st Upminster Companies for a combined camp.

 There was also a section for younger boys 8 –11yrs called The Lifeboys. In September 1966 all Lifeboy sections changed their name to the Boys Brigade Junior Section.

Sadly after many years the company section folded up and only the Junior section managed to keep going until late 1970’s when this also closed down.

The present company restarted on 12th March 1992 with the younger Anchor boy section. 

Today we have grown and run all four sections of the Boys Brigade Anchor, Junior, Company and Seniors. We run our own camps/weekend adventures for Junior and Company section as well as many outdoor activities and day trips for the younger groups.
All sections are active in competition/events within the Battalion as well local community events.